Understand the key concepts of Focus

Focus revolves around teams, projects, focuslets and their components so it's important you know what they are and how they work.

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How Focus is structured

To get the most value out of Focus, it's important that you understand how your content is organized and structured. These are the main 'entities' that Focus is built on top of:

  • Team
    When you log in to Focus for the first time, a new team will be created for you. Teams are at the top of the hierarchy.
  • Project
    Whenever you start working on a new project such as a new app, new website or a new design of any kind, everything related to it should be contained within a separate Focus project. Projects always exist within a specific team.
  • Focuslet
    Acting as small sandboxes, focuslets are at the core of Focus and enable the powerful collaboration experience Focus offers. They are made up of the following entities such as views and hold together all your related content, discussions and tasks. You can think of them as more specialized and simplified Trello cards or Jira tickets.
  • View
    These are the images you upload and the artboards and layers you link within your design documents. Views are added to focuslets and provide the visual aspect. To allow all collaborators to see them, they are uploaded to Focus and can be accessed without the need for the original design document.
  • View version
    Views store a separate version each time you update them in order to keep all existing annotations intact and provide an easy way to track your progress over time.
  • Annotations
    Whether single point markers or marked up areas, annotations are part of view version and allow you to very precisely get your point across to the whole team. Thanks to annotations, you can get laser-targeted feedback from your team and clients and document intricate details of your designs.

Anatomy of a focuslet

Focuslets are the main building block of Focus. You can use the diagram below to familiarize yourself with their core components.