Share projects and focuslets with external guests

Invite your clients and other stakeholders to collaborate with you on whole projects or specific focuslets.

Adobe XD

Share projects

When you'd like to give your clients or other external guests access to everything that's going on within a project, sharing the project is the way to go. It allows them to stay up to date as you add more focuslets and collaborate with you across all of them.

Click the 'more' menu, select 'Share' and simply enter their email address to invite them to the project. When they log in to Focus, they'll see it right away.

Share focuslets

Sometimes, you want to share just a small part of a project. For example, you might want to share an important focuslet about the brand styleguide with the marketing team without overwhelming them with all the other content within your project. Sharing a single focuslet is the perfect way to do this.

While viewing a focuslet, click the 'more' menu and select 'Share'. Similarly to how you'd share a project, simply enter the email address of the guest you'd like to invite. When they log in to Focus, they'll see the focuslet immediately.