Log in and set up your account

Log in to Focus, set your name, profile picture and discover menu options to get help, customize your preferences and log out.

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Log in

Focus makes logging in as simple as it gets. There are no passwords to forget - simply type in your email and copy and paste the authentication code you receive.

Set up your profile

Click on the 'avatar' circle located at the top right of the plugin panel to open the main menu. By clicking on the larger avatar circle, you'll be able to select an image you'd like to use as your avatar.

To change your display name and make it easier for others to recognize you on Focus, simply type your desired name into the field. All changes are saved automatically.

Important menu links

While you have the main menu open, you'll see a set of links you might find useful:

  • Account - Open your browser to manage your account and billing
  • Help - See the quick-start guide and access the help articles
  • Community - Easily find your way to our Discord community
  • Blog - Get latest updates from our team

Log out

Clicking the 'Log out' menu option will immediately end your current session and you'll have to log back in to keep using Focus. Don't worry though, all of your content is safely stored in the cloud and will be right back when you log in.