Invite and manage your team

Unlock the power of real-time collaboration by inviting your team members, customizing your team appearance and understanding our subscription plans.

Adobe XD

Adding members to your team

Inviting your team to Focus is as simple as typing in their email address and clicking 'Invite'. Once a member is invited, they will receive an email to notify them of their invitation.

When they log in to Focus, they will see your invitation in the Invitations tab of the Teams menu.

You can easily remove team members from your team by clicking the remove button when hovering them in the list.

What happens when a team member is removed?

The member will be removed as collaborator from all projects they've been added to. Additionally, if the member was the only admin of a projects in your team, a new admin will be elected. This will either be another collaborator if available or you, the team owner.

Customizing your team appearance

To make your team more recognizable to your team members as well as any external guests, you should set a team logo and name. This works similarly to how you'd change your profile avatar and name.

Teams and subscription plans

Subscriptions for our plans are based on teams. This means that you can choose to upgrade your team rather than your personal account. Similarly, you can choose to stay on the free plan while you join another subscribed team, for example your company team.