Discuss in context with your team and guests

Start a discussion, post private team-only comments, pin comments, mention others and refer to views and annotations to eliminate ambiguity.

Adobe XD

Start a discussion

At the bottom of every focuslet, you'll find the discussion section. Everyone able to access the focuslet will receive your comments as soon as you send them. It's a great way to have a highly targeted conversation about the topic of the particular focuslet.

Discuss private within your team

When you want to discuss internally with only your team, just toggle the private discussion on. This way, external guests will not see nor be notified of any comments your team sends. Great for those in-depth debates that only the team needs to know about.

Discuss with external guests

When you've got something to share with everyone, including external guests such as your clients, other departments and so on, you can use the toggle to the public discussion.

The blue dot next to the icon indicates that there are comments in the other type of discussion, whether private or public.

Pin comments

As you discuss, it's important to be able to quickly get back to the key points. We recommend that you pin all comments that directly provide actionable value to the focuslet's topic. This way, you can capture major decisions while keeping a full trail of reasoning in the same place.

Clicking on the 'pin' icon will let you toggle between all comments and only pinned comments. Use it for easy access to the comments that matter most.

Mention others

Get others' attention by mentioning them. You can either select 'Mention' from the attachment menu accessible from the text field or by simply typing @. A list of people will be presented for you to choose from.

Once you select a person to mention, a special string will be inserted into your comment. You can see the person's email address and double-check you're mentioning the right person.

Once sent, the mentioned person will receive a notification and their name, or email address if they didn't set a name, will be shown in the comment.

Refer to views

Focus makes it extremely simple to get your point across without any excessive explanations. Open the attachment menu accessible on the left side of the text field and select 'View' to refer to a view available on the focuslet. It's a great way to keep discussion concise and unambiguous.

Refer to annotations

To go one level deeper, Focus allows you to refer to any specific annotation available across views added to the focuslet. This way, you can really focus in on the point you're trying to make in your comments. No more guesswork.

Best of all, all view and annotation references in comments are clickable. This means you can jump directly to them in an instant.

Add attachments

When you need a bit more than text to express yourself, you can add attachments to your comments. You can upload images but more interestingly, you can also link artboards and layers in your document. This adds another great way to refer to specific places in your document that's easily accessible.