Create and manage projects

Create, update, delete and archive projects, select team members as collaborators and manage project admins.

Adobe XD

Create a project

A project must always exist within a team. When you click 'Create project', you'll be presented with a modal asking you to select the team you'd like to create the project in.

Once you select the team, set your new project's name and select the collaborators you'd like to add. Collaborators that can be selected are based on the members in the team you've selected. Additionally, if you'd like any collaborators to also be able to update the project and change its collaborators, you can give them admin access.

Update a project and manage collaborators

While inside the project, clicking the 'more' icon will show a menu containing the 'Edit' option. You can easily rename the project and add and remove collaborators or change their admin access.

Archive a project

When you're no longer actively working on a project, you can archive it to keep your team tidy.

Please note that you cannot add or change any content inside of an archived project. A banner is shown at the top of the project screen. The 'more' menu will allow you to unarchive the project should you wish to make it active again.

To access archived projects, click the 'Archived projects' button which will toggle the project list between active and archived projects across all teams.

Delete a project

While a project is archived, it is possible to fully delete it. Deleting the project will permanently remove all of its content and all associated discussions. Please proceed with care as it's not possible to restore any project once it's deleted.