Create and manage focuslets

Create, update, resolve, watch, lock and delete focuslets, add tags and tasks and get organized.

Adobe XD

Create a focuslet

Clicking the 'Create focuslet' button while inside a project will create and immediately save a new empty focuslet ready for you to add content to.

Update focuslet content and tags

You can type any amount of content into the focuslet description area - if you're running out of space, you can use the drag handles at the bottom of the text area to expand it. The text you type is automatically saved in the background so there's no need to worry about saving anything.

You can also add views by linking artboards and layers as well as uploading images. In the example below, you can see that the 'Splash' artboard has been linked as a view.

To better organize your project, you can add tags to focuslets. Clicking the 'Add tag(s)' button will reveal a modal panel where you can easily add new or choose from existing tags.

Resolve a focuslet

When you're fully done with a focuslet you can resolve it to keep your project tidy. Think of this as marking the whole focuslet topic as done. Resolved focuslets can no longer be changed, however, the discussion remains open.

Watch focuslet updates

Whenever you create a focuslet, you'll automatically get subscribed to all updates to it. This way, you'll be notified whenever your team changes any of its content, adds new views and so on.

If you'd like to 'watch' a focuslet created by someone else, you can toggle on the watch switch within the focuslet updates modal panel. Now you'll be notified of all changes too.

Lock a focuslet

When you feel you've got enough feedback and comments to work with and want to prevent any further changes or discussion in this focuslet, as its creator, you can lock it. This will stop all collaborators from making any modifications or comments.

Delete a focuslet

As a collaborator of the project, you can delete focuslets within it. While viewing a focuslet, clicking the 'more' button will reveal the option to delete the focuslet in the menu. You'll need to confirm this action as it is not possible to reverse it. Once you delete a focuslet, all of its content will be permanently deleted.

Create and manage focuslet tasks

To keep track of your tasks directly in context, you can add them to your focuslets. Typing a new task in and pressing enter will save it.

You can edit a task by double-clicking its description or by using the 'more' menu option. Clicking 'Delete' will remove the task immediately without confirmation.

A bar across the top of the focuslet panel will indicate progress across all tasks. Hover it to see the exact number of tasks completed.

You'll also see progress bar on each focuslet with tasks within your project to quickly get a sense of your progress overall.