We love getting stuff done as much as you do

Hey there! As veterans in the creative industry, we've seen and worked with all kinds of innovations with the goal to get more productive and deliver faster.

But despite amazing tools like Asana, Slack, Notion, Trello and many others, there is little choice when it comes to optimizing the core design process directly where it happens, that is, within your design apps.

Why we're building Focus

We strive to be the go-to UI/UX ideation, inspiration, feedback and documentation platform for designers, freelancers, agencies as well as product teams. A new design project should start with Focus!

Our core team

With a background in software, UX design and client work, I know how tough delivering products is.

Through Focus, I strive to make it simpler and faster for you.
As someone with a quantitative approach, I see that the numbers speak for themselves.

Designers' workflows can often be made more productive, which is where Focus comes in.
As an owner of 2 agencies, I experience communication bottlenecks every day.

I joined the Focus team to help designers focus on the creative.
Stop wasting time, get productive.
- The Focus Team