Focus allows me to manage the majority of our design workflow when creating new app screens for our company, without needing to take communications outside of the platform. If you’re looking to be more productive and design documents with minimal effort, Focus is the way to go!
Wasan Shubbar
Co-Founder & CEO, Flickonic Inc
Working with Focus has been a game changer! Designs are rarely perfect from the first try, and communicating changes between the Design, UX and Engineering teams can be tedious. We're finally able to communicate changes accurately with Focus. As projects grow we can search feedback and the conversations that lead to specific decisions.
Arthur Zargaryan
Co-Founder, Parcel Tracker
I used to reply to emails, now I don't have to! Focus really helped our small studio team 'focus' instead of repeatedly toggling between multiple apps when implementing designs. It has also brought considerably more clarity to our design reviews and made them more actionable. Definitely a win in my book.
Sebastian Batkowski
Web Developer, Zurek Designs Ltd
Focus brought a lot more clarity into our design workflows and made the collaboration between the design and development teams much more reliable. It's great being able to see all work that needs to be done directly inside our design files too.
Vlad Niculescu
CEO, QwertyBit

Get ahead with Focus

Focus is specifically engineered to boost your productivity and save you hours of wasted time.

Collaborate smoothly
Work together with your whole team and clients without delay.
Get your point across
Use precise annotations and contextual discussions to express your ideas and feedback.
Find everything instantly
Save tons of time by not having to look for things in your email and messaging apps.
Give & receive valuable feedback
Share only the relevant parts of designs without overwhelming your team and clients.
See feedback directly on the canvas
Get a birds-eye overview of your whole Adobe XD document at the click of a button.
Handoff with confidence
Describe complex processes, add developer notes, note down UI logic and anything in between.

Deliver better work faster

Forget ambiguous and scattered communication, stay in context and focus on what actually matters

Avoid spending time on the fluff

UX and UI design is about creativity and bringing valuable experiences to users.

It is not about wasting time buried in endless email threads, enduring inefficient client feedback meetings or getting lost in hundreds of scattered messages just to complete a single task.

Use Focus to get break the cycle, get organized and bring your point across with laser-targeted accuracy, delighting clients along the way.

Relax and work smarter

While collaboration is an essential step to UX success, it often takes too much time and effort toggling from one platform to another and piecing tasks and messages together like a puzzle.

Stop context switching and deliver better work faster by bringing all discussions, feedback, inspiration and annotations directly into your design app, and start taking action.

Just get things done and stop stressing out!